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pistoriusassociates llc is a newly formed architectural and interior design firm founded by two managing partners with a combined 30 plus years of professional experience in commercial, corporate, educational and healthcare design.

specifically, our healthcare design experience includes medical office buildings; outpatient facilities; and various medical centers such as ambulatory surgery, oncology, fertility treatment, ophthalmology, pain management, plastic surgery, and physical therapy; as well as a multitude of specialty physician tenant improvements.

in conjunction with our medical experience, we are geared toward all varieties of commercial, custom residential, retail, industrial and educational and church facilities and pride ourselves on the diverse nature of our work portfolio.

strategically located in the crossroads of south louisiana, pistoriusassociates llc is licensed and registered to practice professionally in multiple states and is available to address your architectural and interior design needs by bringing innovative solutions and overall value to any design task.

we base our design solutions on simplicity and the honesty of materials, environment and expression. after all, it is about assisting you to transform your abstract ideas and needs into a reality through good and relevant architecture.

|our goal is to provide unparalleled service, value and vision to make your project the best it can be |

pistoriusassociates llc